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I had to be honest with myself I was the only person who could shape my future Either by living in the past or moving forward Was I going to live my life as a victim or survivor? I decided right then From that… Continue Reading “Survivor”


Thank all those who have hurt you They are the reason you have become so strong


Depression is being out in the sun during the summer but feeling as if it’s winter with snow on the ground

Tupac’s Poem

The world knows you not for who you truly were You were not a thug or criminal You were not just a rapper or man on the streets You were an advocate, poet, brother, artist, lover and friend Your words spoke a truth that… Continue Reading “Tupac’s Poem”

Take Control

The way to show others their behavior is not accepted is not by constant reminders, but simply no contact. People who care will realize what they have done and what they may lose. Those who have hurt you and care about you will make… Continue Reading “Take Control”


Never underestimate the courage of one person who stands up for change

Take The Risk

With all great opportunities comes risk

Risk It All

I would rather risk it all and follow my heart; than live a life of regret

How Will You Use Your Voice?

All are given a voice when born The question is not if you will use it The question is how will you use it


We are not all meant to be understood However, we are all meant to be accepted for who we are