Tag: Hope


Thank all those who have hurt you They are the reason you have become so strong


I was the flicker in the candlelight until you decided to come into my life And blow the hope I had right out

Take Control

The way to show others their behavior is not accepted is not by constant reminders, but simply no contact. People who care will realize what they have done and what they may lose. Those who have hurt you and care about you will make…

Better Yourself

I have always been yearning to be more than I am now I am never content with staying the same

The Transformation

Allow your scars to transform you into someone stronger, wiser and kinder


I hope you know that even in the dark I will always search for the light

Before You

I will never risk what I have with you for someone I once knew before you


You may have been temporary in my life but you left an imprint on my heart to last a lifetime


Never underestimate the courage of one person who stands up for change


Be gentle with yourself always These words you tell yourself you would not tell others

Take The Risk

With all great opportunities comes risk

My Mother’s Advice

I stare at myself in the mirror Loathing my own flesh Then I remember what my mother said To tell myself that I love myself So I say it until tears run down my face My eyes blood shot red My mouth dry from…