My Promise To You

You may feel like you’ll never love again
But I assure you
You will

The Revival

Beaten, broken and unable to stand
Reaching out and hoping someone will grab my hand
No ones does and therefore I’m on my own
So I push myself up
I sweat
I bleed
Still pushing through the pain
Finally I stand
This is my revival


To be different is to be free

A Love Lost

I still think about you
Wonder how you are
And who you’re with
You’ll always be
A love lost

Thankful For You

I didn’t think the day would come
Where I would meet someone
And could simply be myself
I am eternally
Thankful for you

Not Break

I may struggle but I will not break
I will not give up

You are worth it

This life is always worth living
Don’t ever doubt that
You are worth it

Be Vulnerable

In just a moment your vulnerability turns into courage and inspires others
Never stop being vulnerable

A Dream

The bed is cold once where you slept
I reach my hand over pretending it’s you
And just for a moment
I can feel you there


The tunnel has finally came to an end
The light is here
As it always has been