Be gentle with yourself always
These words you tell yourself you would not tell others

Take The Risk

With all great opportunities comes risk


You push her away
And one day
She will not come back

The Decision

When you are faced with a decision that determines someone staying or walking away
I hope you make the right one


I saw a man who resembled you today
Maybe it was his eyes
Maybe it was the way he spoke
All it took was a moment before the thought of you came flooding in
The memories of us were like high waves crashing into me
I could not fight you off
I could not fight you off

The Void

I try filling the void with anything I can get my hands on
Still do
But nothing compares to you

Love You Until The Day I Die

I will love you until the day I die but I will never take you back as long as I live


Our society praises uniqueness
While those of us who possess a difference from the norm
Feel extremely alone

My Mother’s Advice

I stare at myself in the mirror
Loathing my own flesh
Then I remember what my mother said
To tell myself that I love myself
So I say it until tears run down my face
My eyes blood shot red
My mouth dry from a repetition of words
For once I believe it
For once my eating disorder is silenced
For once I take my mother’s advice and choose to love myself


I am a prisoner to my own mind
Help me rid these somber thoughts
So that I may be set free eternally

The Worst Crime

To allow a past lover to affect your current relationship is a crime itself. Do not let past circumstances dictate your future with another.


You are a lover
I am a runner
We both know how this story ends