Not Break

I may struggle but I will not break
I will not give up

You are worth it

This life is always worth living
Don’t ever doubt that
You are worth it

Be Vulnerable

In just a moment your vulnerability turns into courage and inspires others
Never stop being vulnerable

A Dream

The bed is cold once where you slept
I reach my hand over pretending it’s you
And just for a moment
I can feel you there


The tunnel has finally came to an end
The light is here
As it always has been


A part of me is missing when you’re gone
And won’t return until you’re back in my arms


Pain teaches us
It makes us wise


You still loom over me
No matter where I go
I hope you know
You still have my heart

Tribulations to Triumph

Just look at you
Going from tribulations to triumph
Again and again


A little light shines
No matter how dark it may seem