No Apologies

Be who you are right now
Flaws and all
Do not ever apologize
For being yourself

A Letter To My Mania

In my mania I have created my own chaos and doom
I have become someone I and others do not recognize
I have lost many who do not understand
I have gained painful experiences I often write down
A curse it seems at times but I must say
To those who have stayed by my side at my absolute worst
You are the rarest, truest and greatest beings to exist
To myself I must say
You are the strongest and most courageous woman many have ever met

Better Yourself

I have always been yearning to be more than I am now
I am never content with staying the same


The love I crave you can not give me so I must leave

The Transformation

Allow your scars to transform you into someone stronger, wiser and kinder


My past will not dictate my future

The Manic Poet

Words toss and turn in my head
At rapid speed
Never ceasing
This is the high of my mania
This feeling is not madness
No not at all
Such a strange word to describe emotions so raw and beautiful
To feel everything so intensely is the only way I would want to live
I will come alive with this pen in my hand
Watch as the miracle begins
I must write the flames of words I see
These visions must be told
I do not stop
I can not stop
Words on paper have just begun


I hope you know that even in the dark I will always search for the light

Before You

I will never risk what I have with you for someone I once knew before you


Stop looking for validation from others and be comfortable in your own skin

Dusk Nor Dawn

I am neither the moon nor sun
Neither dusk nor dawn
I am both made into one

Who Am I?

I lost myself
Giving all of me to you
So now I look at my reflection and ask
Who am I?