Fool For You

They say only fools rush in
And if that is so
Then my dear
I am a fool for you
It is all consuming
Like electricity through my soul
Without you
I am incomplete
With you I am whole
It is the only way I know to love
Or I surely would not love at all

Prose: Hope

You keep holding on because you still have hope.


You are my own personal hell
Like an addict and his heroin
I can not quit you
I know you will be the end of me
And here I am
Still loving you

Prose: Root of Evil

If there are solutions to world problems and no one is acting on them, follow the money trail.

Prose: Depressive Realism Hypothesis

I see the world for what it is. You say I am pessimistic and I say I am realistic.

Prose: Value

If you can not add any value to my life, then you are not worthy of my time.

Prose: Awake

Sleep keeps calling my name but hypomania keeps telling me to stay awake.

Prose: The Behavior Analyst Approach

You teach people how to treat you. Do not reward bad behavior.

Prose: Pity

I may have a kind heart and you may think you have a hold on me.  However, I pity you and your selfish ways.  I know why you can’t let go of me.  I am the person you always wished you could be.


To me they’re just bodies
To fill the void
Of you leaving me