A Lesson

This will be a lesson learned
A page in my book of life turned
An end of a chapter
But not my story

The Inevitable

Normal people go to bed not wondering
Who they’ll be when they wake up
But I’m not normal
I wonder
Will I feel content?
Will I feel lost?
Will I feel high on life?
I never really know
Even these pills can’t control the inevitable
These moods may change
Day to day
Month to month
I wish I could go to bed not wondering
Who I’ll be when I wake up


I hurt
Therefore, I write


I do not have time for people who lack depth

Are You?

Are you exhausted from pretending to be someone you’re not?

One Way

I’d like to catch a plane
With a one way ticket
And never look back

If Walls Could Talk

After I’m gone
These words I have spoken
Will be etched on these walls

The Challenge

It’s not going to be easy
Nothing that matters ever is
But I’ll make it through
Like I always have


I’ve allowed my darkest nights to transform myself
Into someone who brings light to others

Keep Coming Back

You keep coming back to me
Time after time
In my thoughts
In my dreams
Always coming back to me