Prose: Einfühlung

As if I would not feel enough with my bipolar disorder, God gave me the gift of empathy too.


There is nothing sexier
Than not having to remove
A single piece of clothing
And still have a man
Wanting you


Thoughts on paper
Help my demons sleep

Prose: True Love

I love people unconditionally.  Therefore, I let them go.  I know it is wrong of me to hold on to others who are not meant to continue in my life.  So I love, support and cheer for them from afar.  You see, true love is loving another even when they are not meant to be with you.

Prose: Resurrection

When his life was bleak and grey, she came waltzing in like a roaring 1920’s dance.  She brought vibrant colors to his world that brought him back to life.

Prose: Battle Scars

The melancholy poet is not weak.  You just choose to see her sad face instead of her battle scars.

Prose: Suffer

I would not be the person I am today if I had not suffered greatly.

Prose: The Introvert

Time spent alone is crucial to my existence.

Prose: Voice of Reason

How am I supposed to be the voice of reason for others when I am still asking questions myself?

Manic Depressant

I do not need drugs to get high
I do not need alcohol to get drunk
My mind already does that on its’ own