Prose: Awake

Sleep keeps calling my name but hypomania keeps telling me to stay awake.

Prose: The Behavior Analyst Approach

You teach people how to treat you. Do not reward bad behavior.

Prose: Pity

I may have a kind heart and you may think you have a hold on me.  However, I pity you and your selfish ways.  I know why you can’t let go of me.  I am the person you always wished you could be.


To me they’re just bodies
To fill the void
Of you leaving me

Prose: Different

When you grow up in a home where your mother’s moods were euphoric then melancholic, while talking to imaginary friends, you do not judge others for simply being different.

Prose: Fire

You ignited a fire in my soul that can not be tamed by another.

Moving On

When you are able to hear his name
Without any pain
My dear you may smile
And know that it is finally over
You have moved on

Prose: Stronger

“Does it get easier?” she asked me.
“No, but you become stronger” I replied.

Prose: Feelings

My mind was spinning as if it was a tornado. My emotions would not stop raging out of control. I was losing it. The madness had taken me once again as I relived my traumatic past. Anger, suicidal thoughts and reckless behavior consumed me. After the episode ended, I could feel tears in my eyes forming as he gently kissed my forehead. His eyes met mine with a gentle gaze and I apologized over and over again. He caressed my face and said with a smile, “Trish, you have a lot of feelings and that’s okay.”

They Will Never Be Me

You may find a piece of me
In the women you meet
However, over time
You will see
That they will never compare
To someone like me