Prose: The Regret

I hope the next woman who loves you, can repair what I could not.

Prose: Courage

Courage is not when a man decides to pull the trigger. It is when he decides to put down the gun.

Prose: The Giver

We were never meant to be. For I am a giver and you are a taker.

Prose: Lost Souls

Maybe we are all lost souls in a world full of chaos.

Prose: Pain

I hold on to the pain you caused me. It’s all I have left of you.


My mind is a battlefield
Constantly raging on
At times I fear I am losing
But I remind myself
That I must fight on
I will not raise my white flag
I will never accept defeat
This black thing inside of me
Will never knock me to my feet

Prose: Stand Out

I stopped following the crowd when I realized I was born to stand out.

Prose: Lifetime

We may have not worked out in this lifetime, but I know we will in the next one. For me, that is enough.


This body you were given
You must cherish
Why must you judge it?
Why must you hurt it?
Nourish it
Love it
For it is yours and only yours
Every curve
Every blemish
A masterpiece

Prose: The Hurting

The hurtful things he says to you are only a reflection of how he feels about himself.