Belong To You

My heart has always
And will always
Belong to you


Would you remember me if I jumped?
If I decided to give everything up?
I don’t want to be a jumper

Good Vibes

Sometimes we just need fresh air, the sun and a car ride

My Purpose

I was angry at G-d for a long time and didn’t understand why I had suffered so much in my life. I never had a choice in the trauma I faced. It took me many years of therapy to come to terms that He was always there leading me. He guided me on a path to help others by sharing my difficult past to give others peace.

Inside My Mind

I’ve accepted I will always feel a little lost inside my mind
And live in darkness from time to time

Kind Hearts

My kind heart has been broken so many times
By saving others and not myself

My Typewriter

Any night I’d like to be home with my typewriter and a glass of red wine

You Are More Than A Number

Scales are society’s way of telling you that your worth is tied to a number


It’s December and there’s no snow on the ground
I stop and a light a cigarette
I hear a local bar play our song
It takes me back to when you were mine
Smiling at me with those bright green eyes
I wonder who you’re with tonight
And if she knows you the way I do
Does she know you’ve loved Fleetwood Mac since you were five?
Does she know you hate the color grey?
And does she know how much you once loved me?
I walk towards the bar while our song ends
It’s December and there’s no snow on the ground


Many are afraid of the dark
But I prefer to sit in it alone