Real Problem

Sometimes you have to self reflect on why time after time you allow people to treat you like shit. Maybe the real problem isn’t them but you.


Lonely Nights

Facing the days without you I can take
It’s the nights without you next to me I can’t bear

No Escape

It still stings when someone mentions your name
Suddenly the flashback of you is right before my eyes
There’s just no escaping you

The Path

I awoke last night from a dream I had
I was walking between two large mountains on a path
There was no way around
So I continued until I came to a creek
My thirst for hope consumed me
So I drank the water to carry on
The path holds memories of mistakes, pain and the worst of me
Still I walk for I am strong
The only way out is facing it all
Forgiveness and acceptance is why I have traveled so far
It is the time to give myself both of these
The end of the path is near

Listen To Your Heart

Love cautiously my mind tells me
Love always whispers my heart


You must learn to be comfortable alone
It is the most crucial time to learn about yourself


I hope you know that even in the dark I will always search for the light


Leave me be
You have already taken almost every piece of me
Not much is left


Red lipstick
High heels
Cheers to getting over you


I drank the poison of my thoughts
Almost costing me my life
Yet, fate decided that I live
So now I face what I once did not
Courage shall be the drink I have instead