Darkness is my one true friend
She never leaves me
And lives within me


Heartbreak makes for the best poetry
Because who doesn’t love a damn tragedy


The only time I ever felt alive was when I was loved by you
And now you’re gone

Dancing With Death

I dance with death each day
A bittersweet melody with a slow rhythm
A dark room with a small candle for light
The longer we dance
The brighter the flame
Teaching me to always hold on to hope

Choose To Stay

Everytime I came so close to death
I wanted to live
And that is enough for me
To choose to stay


He lays in my bed and tells me those three words
I say it back when I know I only felt that way about you


He thinks because he has my body
He has my heart
But it always
Without a doubt
Has belonged to you


He kisses me
And I pretend it’s you
So when I open my eyes
I still taste you


You try to numb the pain with anything you can find
Just to trade your emotions to get her off your mind


I had to be honest with myself
I was the only person who could shape my future
Either by living in the past or moving forward
Was I going to live my life as a victim or survivor?
I decided right then
From that day forward
To live it as a survivor