Love You Until The Day I Die

I will love you until the day I die but I will never take you back as long as I live


Our society praises uniqueness
While those of us who possess a difference from the norm
Feel extremely alone

My Mother’s Advice

I stare at myself in the mirror
Loathing my own flesh
Then I remember what my mother said
To tell myself that I love myself
So I say it until tears run down my face
My eyes blood shot red
My mouth dry from a repetition of words
For once I believe it
For once my eating disorder is silenced
For once I take my mother’s advice and choose to love myself


I am a prisoner to my own mind
Help me rid these somber thoughts
So that I may be set free eternally

The Worst Crime

To allow a past lover to affect your current relationship is a crime itself. Do not let past circumstances dictate your future with another.


You are a lover
I am a runner
We both know how this story ends

Pleasant Surprise

What a pleasant surprise
I did not see you coming
I was in my own storm
Heading south with my own thunder and rain
When you startled me like a bolt of lightning from the north
Striking me and taking me on highs I have never known
An electric magnetic pull
A melting warming sensation
My ice cold heart now holding flames of fire
A hope that has now turned into desire
You have some sort of light that knows my dark soul
Each time I try to push you away
You come for me
Promising you will never let go
All I can think about when I look back
Is what a pleasant surprise it has been
For I did not see you coming
And now I know why


Is it wrong that I am still wanting you after everything you have put me through?

Always Hoping

I know you are not coming back
Yet here I am
Still having hope

Live On

It is not fair you know
How I let you live on
In my poetry


I feel safest next to you
Your arms wrapped tightly around me
You see, I have never had that in my life


People ask me why I write poetry, as if the answer is an untold secret I have been hiding for years
It is quite simple
I write better than I speak
Poetry is feelings you can not say out loud