I hope you know that even in the dark I will always search for the light

Before You

I will never risk what I have with you for someone I once knew before you


Stop looking for validation from others and be comfortable in your own skin

Dusk Nor Dawn

I am neither the moon nor sun
Neither dusk nor dawn
I am both made into one

Who Am I?

I lost myself
Giving all of me to you
So now I look at my reflection and ask
Who am I?


You may have been temporary in my life but you left an imprint on my heart to last a lifetime

I Miss Me

I am starting to forget I once loved you
It is all very bittersweet
I still miss you but I miss the old me more


Never underestimate the courage of one person who stands up for change

Forever Mine

Show me your wounds from past lovers mourned
Allow me to kiss your broken bones
Mend your cracked heart
Bring light to your sullen eyes
To let you know
That you are forever mine


Be gentle with yourself always
These words you tell yourself you would not tell others

Take The Risk

With all great opportunities comes risk


You push her away
And one day
She will not come back