My body is heavy from all the past hurt I have carried


Thank all those who have hurt you
They are the reason you have become so strong

Never Forget

The trauma you faced while young has made you the person you are today
Never forget where you came from or what happened
And never forget that it does not dictate where you go from here


Depression is being out in the sun during the summer but feeling as if it’s winter with snow on the ground

Picking Up The Pieces

Until I was left with the crumbled pieces of us did I truly learn who I was

Inner Thoughts

I lost myself again searching for you

Now You’re Gone

I did not know how much I cared for you until you were no longer mine


I was the flicker in the candlelight until you decided to come into my life
And blow the hope I had right out

First Love

Your first love is always the sweetest
No damaged hearts
No fear
Fast beating hearts
Dancing in a rhythm
Butterflies and sparks
Living in the moment
Not caring what others think
Young love
True love
Pure and innocent

The End

Sometimes I wish I was a character in a book
At least I would know how my story ends