Inside My Mind

I’ve accepted I will always feel a little lost inside my mind
And live in darkness from time to time

Kind Hearts

My kind heart has been broken so many times
By saving others and not myself

My Typewriter

Any night I’d like to be home with my typewriter and a glass of red wine

You Are More Than A Number

Scales are society’s way of telling you that your worth is tied to a number


It’s December and there’s no snow on the ground
I stop and a light a cigarette
I hear a local bar play our song
It takes me back to when you were mine
Smiling at me with those bright green eyes
I wonder who you’re with tonight
And if she knows you the way I do
Does she know you’ve loved Fleetwood Mac since you were five?
Does she know you hate the color grey?
And does she know how much you once loved me?
I walk towards the bar while our song ends
It’s December and there’s no snow on the ground


Many are afraid of the dark
But I prefer to sit in it alone

Keep Pushing Forward

My recovery has never been a straight line
I have relapsed time and time again
But I keep pushing forward
Doing what I can

The Rainbow

Bad days come and go
Just like a storm
Then you look outside your window
And see the rainbow

Midnight Words

You know you’re a writer when you can’t sleep
Until you jot down every last thought onto paper


Tonight I am in that dark place again
But this time I have no doubt
I will make it through
And the light once more
Will return in the morning