Tell Me

How do you learn to love someone when all you have ever known in life, is to leave before you get left?

Risk It All

I would rather risk it all and follow my heart; than live a life of regret

The Lonely Lesson

Loneliness teaches us the most important lesson of all
Everyone needs someone


Karma keeps teaching me I need to take my own advice

Never Looking Back

If you act like you do not want me in your life
Then let me do the honor
And walk right out
Without once looking back

Come Back

When it comes to you
There is nothing I could say or do
To make peace with the past
Nor make it right with you
Every step I take
No matter where I am going
Nor what I do
You are always on my mind
Wishing I had not ended it
After everything that has been said and done
I am still completely in love with you

A Conversation With Death

I have spoken many times with death in my life
He tells me it is not my time
That people like me are way too young to die
That no matter how dark my life may seem
There is still a purpose deep within me
He says my life must never be taken on my own
And he hopes in time
He will only have to take the sick and old


There is no deadline to your healing
Take all the time you need

Love The Hardest

The ones that run away from love
Love the hardest
Ask me how I know


I created chaos with us so I could play a part in the ending


Late night
A drunken thought
Ink pen in hand
And so, another story begins


I still loved you when I left
Please remember that