Mean To Me

It took losing you to know how much you mean to me
And now it’s too late

Sad Eyes

Pour me a glass of brandy
And tell me the story behind your sad eyes


Sundays are made for coffee, a good book and laying in bed next to you

Price To Live

There was a time when I thought I could touch the moon and fly away on a shooting star
And there was a time when I held pink pills in my palm listening to death’s sweet whispers
Now I trade my “genius” for stability
The doctors tell me it is the price to live

A Poet’s Calling

What purpose is there for me in life if I can not write?


People talk about marriage, children and growing old
They ask for my opinion
And act surprised
When I say I don’t think that far ahead
How am I supposed to explain
I didn’t think I’d still be alive at 25?
Those highs and lows got some of the best years of my life
But hell, I’m here
So I’ll drink to still breathing
Just don’t ask me about marriage, children or growing old

A Colorado Cabin

I know one day
We will be wine drunk
In a Colorado cabin
Laughing about how we broke each other’s hearts
One summer long ago

Her Poetry

Pretty face
Sad eyes
Dark mind
Don’t fall in love with a woman like her
She will leave you
And you’ll only hear from her
By reading her poetry

Part of Me

There is a part of me
That will always miss you
No matter how much time has passed


Darkness is my one true friend
She never leaves me
And lives within me