Patricia D. Wheeler currently resides in Pensacola, FL where she attends graduate school at the University of West Florida.  She is majoring in Exceptional Student Education and Applied Behavior Analysis.  Her future goals include becoming a behavior analyst and psychologist to work with children and adults with mental illness. She hopes to open her own practice one day.

She writes poems and proses about mental illness, childhood trauma, relationships and finding herself as a young woman during the 21st century.  She plans to publish a book of poetry with the theme centered around empathy in 2020.  She also is currently working on a project called, “The Empathy Project.”  Its’ purpose is to show pictures of what mental illness, childhood trauma and racism looks like through an artistic perspective.  It will be featured in her book.

Due to being diagnosed with anxiety, bipolar 2 and an eating disorder, she has stated, “There is not enough empathy regarding mental illness and I have chosen to advocate for all who suffer due to the stigma surrounding it.  I hope to educate people more on it since as a society we believe this shouldn’t be discussed, when it absolutely should be.  We all should have more empathy”.

Make sure to check out her instagram: empathypoetry.



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