Little Girl

Some days I want to heal
Some days I don’t
The trauma and abuse I faced while young is a part of me
It makes me who I am
Who will I be if I move past it?
The thought of it terrifies me
Just like the little girl inside of me

Black Thing

I wake up with this black thing inside me
I go throughout the day with this black thing inside me
And I go to sleep with this black thing inside me

Mornings with Plath

I do not like small talk
Nor people who have no depth
I like to be alone to explore my mind
I write poetry, letters and stories
On a typewriter
I read Jane Austen’s novels
I listen to Sylvia Plath’s poetry
On a record player each morning
I do my makeup like a pinup girl
I dress like I am Audrey Hepburn
A classic of her time
I pride myself in learning
Rather than dating, drinking and the millennial mind
I do not associate with those who lack integrity
Nor those who do not do their part in society
I was not meant to be born in this era
I wish I could go back in time
This is the lonely life of an old soul like mine


I could not do it anymore
Going back to you each time you felt like reaching out
What I need you can not give me
I must give it to myself
And leave you in the past where you belong

Best Version

Choose to connect with the right people who bring out the best version of you

Real Problem

Sometimes you have to self reflect on why time after time you allow people to treat you like shit. Maybe the real problem isn’t them but you.

Lonely Nights

Facing the days without you I can take
It’s the nights without you next to me I can’t bear

No Escape

It still stings when someone mentions your name
Suddenly the flashback of you is right before my eyes
There’s just no escaping you

The Path

I awoke last night from a dream I had
I was walking between two large mountains on a path
There was no way around
So I continued until I came to a creek
My thirst for hope consumed me
So I drank the water to carry on
The path holds memories of mistakes, pain and the worst of me
Still I walk for I am strong
The only way out is facing it all
Forgiveness and acceptance is why I have traveled so far
It is the time to give myself both of these
The end of the path is near

Listen To Your Heart

Love cautiously my mind tells me
Love always whispers my heart