A part of me is missing when you’re gone
And won’t return until you’re back in my arms


Pain teaches us
It makes us wise


You still loom over me
No matter where I go
I hope you know
You still have my heart

Tribulations to Triumph

Just look at you
Going from tribulations to triumph
Again and again


A little light shines
No matter how dark it may seem

Sending Light

If you’re having a hard day
Let me know
So I can send
Some light your way

Keep rising

You will rise from this
As you always have


This life will always be worth living
You are never too far gone to start anew

It Never Left

When I thought love no longer existed
You came into my life and reminded me
It never left

Love Like This

As the candle burns
And he lays next to me
I can’t help but wonder what I did right
To deserve a love like this