If Walls Could Talk

After I’m gone
These words I have spoken
Will be etched on these walls

The Challenge

It’s not going to be easy
Nothing that matters ever is
But I’ll make it through
Like I always have


I’ve allowed my darkest nights to transform myself
Into someone who brings light to others

Keep Coming Back

You keep coming back to me
Time after time
In my thoughts
In my dreams
Always coming back to me

Introvert Thoughts

People exhaust me. Ask too many questions. Talk too much about others or themselves. Rarely to each other. And almost always without any depth. Perhaps it’s the old soul in me since I don’t relate to most people my age, but I’d much rather be at home writing. Preferably next to my two cats.


There are days when I don’t want to think
I just want to feel


You keep giving your time to others
Don’t forget to take time for yourself

New Year Resolutions

You don’t have to wait
To make changes in your life

One Day

I promise one day you will meet someone who will light up your dark sky
And be absolutely mesmerized by how you carried on each night

My Nature

It’s always been in my nature to heal others