Tag: heartbreak

My Promise To You

You may feel like you’ll never love againBut I assure youYou will

A Love Lost

I still think about youWonder how you areAnd who you’re withYou’ll always beA love lost

Be Vulnerable

In just a moment your vulnerability turns into courage and inspires othersNever stop being vulnerable

A Dream

The bed is cold once where you sleptI reach my hand over pretending it’s youAnd just for a momentI can feel you there


The tunnel has finally came to an endThe light is hereAs it always has been


A part of me is missing when you’re goneAnd won’t return until you’re back in my arms


Pain teaches usIt makes us wise


You still loom over meNo matter where I goI hope you knowYou still have my heart

Tribulations to Triumph

Just look at youGoing from tribulations to triumphAgain and again


A little light shinesNo matter how dark it may seem