Tag: Hope

Defense Mechanism

She pushed people away so that she could never be hurt.  In the process, she broke her own heart.


I lit up his world like a firework display When it ended, he left And I was all alone in the dark contemplating Why I wasn’t enough to make him stay


Start looking at forever in your own reflection.  If you can not learn to love what is looking right back at you, then how do you expect someone else to?


Found my suicide note today So I ripped it up Bipolar depression will not take me I will fight it every day Until the very end


What a superficial world we live in. People choose facades over authenticity. All because they are afraid to show their scars in a world that praises pride and criticizes vulnerability. I have found that society is often envious of those that wear their hearts…


Poetry saved my life. I can be brilliant and mad at the same time with a pen in my hand. I am not judged for the thoughts left in ink on paper. I never found my niche in life until now. I truly am…

Stay Strong

I may be stable and in recovery but I once stood where you did my friend. It does get better with time. Keep going. Hold your head high. Stay strong. Much love as always.

To My Abuser

I refuse to let you get the best of me I shall use this black pen as my weapon To write my story To share with others Of how I overcame everything you did to me However, you did not take this one crucial…

Universal Question

Last night I could not sleep Dreams of hatred were on the streets Violence A divide Racist speech This is not a dream A living nightmare What will it take To keep all those we love safe Family Friends Coworkers Neighbors It is not…


I rise with these scars like a phoenix from her ashes Battles fought and won Recovery made Demons long gone Light at the end of the tunnel Has just begun As Thomas Fuller once said, “The darkest hour is right before the dawn”