Tag: Hope

Risk It All

I would rather risk it all and follow my heart; than live a life of regret

The Lonely Lesson

Loneliness teaches us the most important lesson of all Everyone needs someone


Late night A drunken thought Ink pen in hand And so, another story begins

Black Hole

The black hole is coming for me once more as I cling to the nearest star


This body you were given You must cherish Why must you judge it? Why must you hurt it? Nourish it Love it For it is yours and only yours Every curve Every blemish Beautiful Unique A masterpiece


You keep holding on because you still have hope.

The Behavior Analyst Approach

You teach people how to treat you. Do not reward bad behavior

They Will Never Be Me

You may find a piece of me In the women you meet However, over time You will see That they will never compare To someone like me

The Empath

We sat in silence until he took a deep breath and said, “You care so much about others and not enough about yourself.”  I stared at the ground while biting my lip.  I nodded. “Why?” he asked with a confused look on his face. …

Angelic Mess

She was an intoxicating, mesmerizing mess.  He knew she was mad but he could not let her go.  She was the most angelic being he had ever seen.