Tag: Hope


You may have been temporary in my life but you left an imprint on my heart to last a lifetime


Never underestimate the courage of one person who stands up for change


Be gentle with yourself always These words you tell yourself you would not tell others

Take The Risk

With all great opportunities comes risk

My Mother’s Advice

I stare at myself in the mirror Loathing my own flesh Then I remember what my mother said To tell myself that I love myself So I say it until tears run down my face My eyes blood shot red My mouth dry from…


I am a prisoner to my own mind Help me rid these somber thoughts So that I may be set free eternally


You are a lover I am a runner We both know how this story ends

Pleasant Surprise

What a pleasant surprise I did not see you coming I was in my own storm Heading south with my own thunder and rain When you startled me like a bolt of lightning from the north Striking me and taking me on highs I…

Live On

It is not fair you know How I let you live on In my poetry

Tell Me

How do you learn to love someone when all you have ever known in life, is to leave before you get left?