Tag: Sexual Assault Survivors


My body is heavy from all the past hurt I have carried


Thank all those who have hurt you They are the reason you have become so strong

Never Forget

The trauma you faced while young has made you the person you are today Never forget where you came from or what happened And never forget that it does not dictate where you go from here


I hope you know that even in the dark I will always search for the light

Take The Risk

With all great opportunities comes risk


I am a prisoner to my own mind Help me rid these somber thoughts So that I may be set free eternally


I feel safest next to you Your arms wrapped tightly around me You see, I have never had that in my life Stability


We are not all meant to be understood However, we are all meant to be accepted for who we are


My mind was spinning as if it was a tornado. My emotions would not stop raging out of control. I was losing it. The madness had taken me once again as I relived my traumatic past. Anger, suicidal thoughts and reckless behavior consumed me.… Continue Reading “Feelings”


The thing between my legs is nowhere near as important as the thing in my head. ┬áIf you can not realize this, then you are part of the problem.