Tag: Recovery

Always Hoping

I know you are not coming back Yet here I am Still having hope

Live On

It is not fair you know How I let you live on In my poetry


I feel safest next to you Your arms wrapped tightly around me You see, I have never had that in my life Stability


People ask me why I write poetry, as if the answer is an untold secret I have been hiding for years It is quite simple I write better than I speak Poetry is feelings you can not say out loud

Risk It All

I would rather risk it all and follow my heart; than live a life of regret

A Conversation With Death

I have spoken many times with death in my life He tells me it is not my time That people like me are way too young to die That no matter how dark my life may seem There is still a purpose deep within…


There is no deadline to your healing Take all the time you need


Late night A drunken thought Ink pen in hand And so, another story begins

Broken Humans

We were two broken humans Falling in love Trying to fix each other’s pieces


My mind is a battlefield Constantly raging on At times I fear I am losing But I remind myself That I must fight on I will not raise my white flag I will never accept defeat This black thing inside of me Will never…