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My mind was spinning as if it was a tornado. My emotions would not stop raging out of control. I was losing it. The madness had taken me once again as I relived my traumatic past. Anger, suicidal thoughts and reckless behavior consumed me.… Continue Reading “Feelings”

They Will Never Be Me

You may find a piece of me In the women you meet However, over time You will see That they will never compare To someone like me


I envy how easy it was for you to walk away


I do not know how to love with pieces of my heart. I love with my whole heart or not at all


There is nothing sexier Than not having to remove A single piece of clothing And still have a man Wanting you

True Love

I love people unconditionally.  Therefore, I let them go.  I know it is wrong of me to hold on to others who are not meant to continue in my life.  So I love, support and cheer for them from afar.  You see, true love… Continue Reading “True Love”


I am the woman your mother warned you about Do not fall in love with a woman like me I am like the rose in the garden you pick For its’ beauty I am not the rose petals my dear I am the thorns… Continue Reading “Thorns”

Beautiful Mind

Choose the man who comments on your mind rather than your body.

Heaven’s Gates

The old man holds up an old black and white photo.  The tears run down his grief stricken face.  He softly says while staring at the picture, “I enjoy sleep the most. That’s when I get to see your lovely face.  Until we meet… Continue Reading “Heaven’s Gates”


Your heart may have cracks in it from past lovers but I assure you it will beat just fine.