Tag: heartbreak

Come Back

When it comes to you There is nothing I could say or do To make peace with the past Nor make it right with you Every step I take No matter where I am going Nor what I do You are always on my… Continue Reading “Come Back”

Love The Hardest

The ones that run away from love Love the hardest Ask me how I know


I created chaos with us so I could play a part in the ending


Late night A drunken thought Ink pen in hand And so, another story begins


I still loved you when I left Please remember that

Black Hole

The black hole is coming for me once more as I cling to the nearest star

The Fall

It began with A look A smile A laugh A kiss Slowly but surely I knew We were falling in love


Kiss my broken pieces and make me whole again

Oil and Water

We were like oil and water We simply did not mix Always bringing out the worst in each other

Broken Humans

We were two broken humans Falling in love Trying to fix each other’s pieces