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Our society praises uniqueness While those of us who possess a difference from the norm Feel extremely alone

My Mother’s Advice

I stare at myself in the mirror Loathing my own flesh Then I remember what my mother said To tell myself that I love myself So I say it until tears run down my face My eyes blood shot red My mouth dry from…


I am a prisoner to my own mind Help me rid these somber thoughts So that I may be set free eternally

Live On

It is not fair you know How I let you live on In my poetry


I feel safest next to you Your arms wrapped tightly around me You see, I have never had that in my life Stability


People ask me why I write poetry, as if the answer is an untold secret I have been hiding for years It is quite simple I write better than I speak Poetry is feelings you can not say out loud

A Conversation With Death

I have spoken many times with death in my life He tells me it is not my time That people like me are way too young to die That no matter how dark my life may seem There is still a purpose deep within…


Kiss my broken pieces and make me whole again

The Regret

I hope the next woman who loves you, can repair what I could not.


This body you were given You must cherish Why must you judge it? Why must you hurt it? Nourish it Love it For it is yours and only yours Every curve Every blemish Beautiful Unique A masterpiece