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He does not care about you. He just wants to know he still has control over you. Do not let him back in.

Depressive Realism Hypothesis

I see the world for what it is. You say I am pessimistic and I say I am realistic.


My mind was spinning as if it was a tornado. My emotions would not stop raging out of control. I was losing it. The madness had taken me once again as I relived my traumatic past. Anger, suicidal thoughts and reckless behavior consumed me….

The Empath

We sat in silence until he took a deep breath and said, “You care so much about others and not enough about yourself.”  I stared at the ground while biting my lip.  I nodded. “Why?” he asked with a confused look on his face. …

Angelic Mess

She was an intoxicating, mesmerizing mess.  He knew she was mad but he could not let her go.  She was the most angelic being he had ever seen.

Defense Mechanism

She pushed people away so that she could never be hurt.  In the process, she broke her own heart.

To My Abuser

I refuse to let you get the best of me I shall use this black pen as my weapon To write my story To share with others Of how I overcame everything you did to me However, you did not take this one crucial…