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Tupac’s Poem

The world knows you not for who you truly were You were not a thug or criminal You were not just a rapper or man on the streets You were an advocate, poet, brother, artist, lover and friend Your words spoke a truth that…

Take Control

The way to show others their behavior is not accepted is not by constant reminders, but simply no contact. People who care will realize what they have done and what they may lose. Those who have hurt you and care about you will make…

No Apologies

Be who you are right now Flaws and all Do not ever apologize For being yourself

A Letter To My Mania

In my mania I have created my own chaos and doom I have become someone I and others do not recognize I have lost many people who do not understand I have gained painful experiences I often write down A curse it seems at…

Better Yourself

I have always been yearning to be more than I am now I am never content with staying the same


The love I crave you can not give me so I must leave

The Transformation

Allow your scars to transform you into someone stronger, wiser and kinder


My past will not dictate my future

The Manic Poet

Words toss and turn in my head At rapid speed Never ceasing This is the high of my mania This feeling is not madness No not at all Such a strange word to describe emotions so raw and beautiful To feel everything so intensely…


I hope you know that even in the dark I will always search for the light