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Today we met again after not so long ago I often wonder how many others you visit For you do not care about a person’s Race Gender Age Social Status Nationality Culture Political Party Religion No you do not care at all You have…


A diagnosis leads to a prognosis I take my pill – you know the drill Writer’s block hits me and seems to have defeat me Traded my creativity for stability


I lit up his world like a firework display When it ended, he left And I was all alone in the dark contemplating Why I wasn’t enough to make him stay


Start looking at forever in your own reflection.  If you can not learn to love what is looking right back at you, then how do you expect someone else to?

Dreams In Ink

Poets create their best work late at night.  They do so in order to construct their own dreams while everyone else is alseep.

Madness and Brilliance

Madness and brilliance go together.  Just like darkness and light.  One can not exist without the other.

Ulterior Motives

People almost always have ulterior motives.  Be careful who you tell your secrets to friend.


The more I learn about the human race, the more I dislike our kind


Everyone has a different past, untold secrets and inner demons no one has met.  None are alike.  If you look closely, you will see it in their writing.

True Forgiveness

I found strength in forgiving you even though you did not deserve it.  I did it so I could be at peace with the past and the hurt you caused me.