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You must overcome your doubt and fear if you are to achieve any greatness at all

Flesh and Bone

When you are the strong one, people often forget you are made only of flesh and bone

Black Hole

The black hole is coming for me once more as I cling to the nearest star


Some of the wisest people I know are frightened of their own minds


Kiss my broken pieces and make me whole again


My biggest fear in life is not reaching my full potential Looking back and wondering about the person I could have and should have been

Oil and Water

We were like oil and water We simply did not mix Always bringing out the worst in each other

Broken Humans

We were two broken humans Falling in love Trying to fix each other’s pieces

How Will You Use Your Voice?

All are given a voice when born The question is not if you will use it The question is how will you use it


We are not all meant to be understood However, we are all meant to be accepted for who we are