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People ask me why I write poetry, as if the answer is an untold secret I have been hiding for years It is quite simple I write better than I speak Poetry is feelings you can not say out loud


Karma keeps teaching me I need to take my own advice

Never Looking Back

If you act like you do not want me in your life Then let me do the honor And walk right out Without once looking back

A Conversation With Death

I have spoken many times with death in my life He tells me it is not my time That people like me are way too young to die That no matter how dark my life may seem There is still a purpose deep within… Continue Reading “A Conversation With Death”


Late night A drunken thought Ink pen in hand And so, another story begins

Flesh and Bone

When you are the strong one, people often forget you are made only of flesh and bone

Black Hole

The black hole is coming for me once more as I cling to the nearest star


Some of the wisest people I know are frightened of their own minds


My biggest fear in life is not reaching my full potential Looking back and wondering about the person I could have and should have been


We are not all meant to be understood However, we are all meant to be accepted for who we are