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What a superficial world we live in. People choose facades over authenticity. All because they are afraid to show their scars in a world that praises pride and criticizes vulnerability. I have found that society is often envious of those that wear their hearts… Continue Reading “Authenticity”


Poetry saved my life. I can be brilliant and mad at the same time with a pen in my hand. I am not judged for the thoughts left in ink on paper. I never found my niche in life until now. I truly am… Continue Reading “Saved”

Prose: Magic

When a poet and artist fall in love, it’s pure magic.


Take off my clothes Do what you may I only ask of you Not to pry into my soul And ask me to stay

Old Soul Millennial

I often wonder if I was born during the wrong time period. For I am lost in classical music, Jane Austen’s words and writing poetry in calligraphy.

To My Abuser

I refuse to let you get the best of me I shall use this black pen as my weapon To write my story To share with others Of how I overcame everything you did to me However, you did not take this one crucial… Continue Reading “To My Abuser”