Tag: Bipolar Disorder

Ulterior Motives

People almost always have ulterior motives.  Be careful who you tell your secrets to friend.


The more I learn about the human race, the more I dislike our kind


Everyone has a different past, untold secrets and inner demons no one has met.  None are alike.  If you look closely, you will see it in their writing.

True Forgiveness

I found strength in forgiving you even though you did not deserve it.  I did it so I could be at peace with the past and the hurt you caused me.


Found my suicide note today So I ripped it up Bipolar depression will not take me I will fight it every day Until the very end


What a superficial world we live in. People choose facades over authenticity. All because they are afraid to show their scars in a world that praises pride and criticizes vulnerability. I have found that society is often envious of those that wear their hearts…

Last Night

I know you sleep just fine However, I don’t Because you’re always on my mind

Stay Strong

I may be stable and in recovery but I once stood where you did my friend. It does get better with time. Keep going. Hold your head high. Stay strong. Much love as always.

Old Soul Millennial

I often wonder if I was born during the wrong time period. For I am lost in classical music, Jane Austen’s words and writing poetry in calligraphy.


I promise you one thing. Even after I am long gone and buried, these words I have spoken, will ring out of my grave. They shall remain for eternity.