Beautiful Stop

How beautiful a stop it was

Even for just a little while

I got to meet you — a loving heart and oh so kind

I’m going to truly miss you and all the things you do

My heart breaks as I write this — but I remember

How beautiful a stop it was

Even just for a little while


I give everything I have to each new lover

In return, I am left nothing but scars

Familiar faces become strangers in the same places

As time passes, my heart becomes colder

Until there is not much left of me

I am just distant, numb and older



I lay awake at night not sure of myself

Am I making the right decision?

Am I choosing the right path?

How will I know if this life I’ve chosen is for me?

Am I happy?

Is this my purpose?

I feel content but content just isn’t for me

I wasn’t made to live a mediocre life

I wasn’t made to sit still

I wasn’t made to connect with average individuals

I was made for so much more

Unlocking that potential in me, is the major key

To open a life full of opportunities



Seize the Day

I get to my destination

I see there’s other paths

They lead to new experiences, people and places

Is it really worth it to have my future all planned out?

At last I’ve found

You can only truly seize the day



Savages of Society

We pretend not to care

We pretend not to feel

We pretend that we are savages

We weren’t born to be this way

Society taught us not to love




I tried my best to stay away

To put up a shield

To guard my heart

How foolish to think I could hold you off

Those eyes

That mouth

This touch

The shield is down

The white flag is up

My heart no longer is guarded

It’s all yours

To keep

I surrender




If I could give you a whole constellation, I would

But this star will have to do

If I could put into words how much you mean to me, it still wouldn’t be enough

For you were like a shooting star, across a black night sky

Out of nowhere, you appeared, igniting light all around me

Since, I’ve been in a trance and I wish to never return

I found that your light is what I needed most


Look in the Mirror

I will never again apologize for my disorder.  I’ll be damned if I ever surround myself around people who prefer to put the blame on me rather than their own misinformed judgement.