Last Night

I know you sleep just fine
However, I don’t
Because you’re always on my mind



How many hearts could be mended by unspoken words?

Stay Strong

I may be stable and in recovery but I once stood where you did my friend. It does get better with time. Keep going. Hold your head high. Stay strong. Much love as always.

Old Soul Millennial

I often wonder if I was born during the wrong time period. For I am lost in classical music, Jane Austen’s words and writing poetry in calligraphy.


I promise you one thing. Even after I am long gone and buried, these words I have spoken, will ring out of my grave. They shall remain for eternity.

Let It Go

A response is not always needed when someone from the past reaches out.

To My Abuser

I refuse to let you get the best of me

I shall use this black pen as my weapon

To write my story

To share with others

Of how I overcame everything you did to me

However, you did not take this one crucial thing

My voice

I will use it to fight for others

If they remain silent

I surely will not



The Manic Queen

I wear this crown

As I ride into Albania

All rise as I enter the first town

I am Queen of the Kingdom called Hypomania

Peasants shall bow down

From the main street to the fields covered in Zinnia

For I have come to be renown

Fear me, Queen Vaniah

Prose: Record

Let’s set the record straight. Don’t flatter yourself. I’m doing much better without you.

Universal Question

Last night I could not sleep

Dreams of hatred were on the streets


A divide

Racist speech

This is not a dream

A living nightmare

What will it take

To keep all those we love safe





It is not an overreaction to assume such acts could take place

For it was not long ago

That these same mistakes were made

I beg of you

I plead of you

To recall

What happened when our ancestors remained silent

These same thoughts became words and then became actions

If we choose to repeat the past

Have we as humans really learned anything at all?