Prose: Still Alive

When I feel that I have met my doom, and all those around me can not imagine the pain I am tormented with each day, I tell myself perhaps that is why it is better me than them. For I can endure this and maybe they could not. After all, I am still alive.

Prose: Your Life

Throughout life, people will bring out the worst or best in you. Listen to your intuition. Feel your emotions. Observe your reactions. Then, decide who remains and who is removed.

Prose: Brain Shock

He asked me, “What’s it like to have an episode?”  I was quiet for a few minutes gathering my thoughts and a proper response.  I said with a deep breath, “You know how your heart breaks at times in your life?”  He nodded.  I reluctantly continued, “Well, my mind does that too”.

Forward Mantra

Sit with your emotions

Feel them

Breath in

Breath out

Let the pain hurt

Allow yourself to forgive

You must do so in order to move forward

Blood On Paper

Is this what it takes to make art?

To pull my beating heart out of my chest?

As I write, the blood from my heart is used as ink

These words I write are more than just thoughts

They are derived from my very soul

The hurting and healing at a constant tug of war

Battle they do

Whichever one wins in the end

No one shall ever know

However, I will remain with this pen in my hand

Until every last drop of blood is put on paper

Prose: Darkest Hour

In your darkest hour it is up to you whether you will rise or fall.

Guilty As Charged

Guilt creeps upon me like a long lost friend

Promises I should have kept

Words I should have not said

In time I will forget

Currently, it meets me

And beats me dead

Prose: Tell Her

The young man said, “I miss her.”

The old woman replied, “Then tell her.”


I am a walking miracle. After everything I have endured, I am still here.

Prose: Sylvia Plath Effect

I am at constant war with my mind. At times I fear it will consume me and there will be nothing left of me but this darkness inside of me. I’m afraid I shall go the same way as Plath and Hemingway in the end.