I rise with these scars like a phoenix from her ashes

Battles fought and won

Recovery made

Demons long gone

Light at the end of the tunnel

Has just begun

As Thomas Fuller once said, “The darkest hour is right before the dawn”



I beg you not to leave me alone with my thoughts

My mind and my demons from the past have become the best of friends

They taunt me and laugh

They take refuge in my body

Tormenting my soul

Please doctor, tell me how to rid this darkness inside of me

Prose: Recovery

Recovery is to begin again.

Prose: Humanity

Leave your religion at the door of humanity.

Prose: Bore

If I was normal, what a bore that would be.

Prose: Lies

My deepest regret with you was that I allowed your mouth full of lies to trick me into thinking they were the truth.

Prose: Am

I could never fancy a man who could not take me for all that I am.

Prose: Joan of Arc

Little girls who are abused grow up to become Joan of Arcs of the world.

Guardian Angel

I’m your guardian angel

Never leaving you

No matter what you do

I’ll be here to help you through it all

I’m here to catch you when you fall

I’ll be by your side forever,

Comforting you when life isn’t fair

Believe me, I truly care

Together we’ll stand

When you get lost, just take my hand

I understand

When you’re mad or feeling blue, talk to me

I’m here to help you make it through

I love you

I’m your guardian angel

Prose: Wounds

Do not get involved with an empath with old wounds.