Prose: Magic

When a poet and artist fall in love, it’s pure magic.


Take off my clothes
Do what you may
I only ask of you
Not to pry into my soul
And ask me to stay

Last Night

I know you sleep just fine
However, I don’t
Because you’re always on my mind


How many hearts could be mended by unspoken words?

Stay Strong

I may be stable and in recovery but I once stood where you did my friend. It does get better with time. Keep going. Hold your head high. Stay strong. Much love as always.

Old Soul Millennial

I often wonder if I was born during the wrong time period. For I am lost in classical music, Jane Austen’s words and writing poetry in calligraphy.


I promise you one thing. Even after I am long gone and buried, these words I have spoken, will ring out of my grave. They shall remain for eternity.

Let It Go

A response is not always needed when someone from the past reaches out.

To My Abuser

I refuse to let you get the best of me

I shall use this black pen as my weapon

To write my story

To share with others

Of how I overcame everything you did to me

However, you did not take this one crucial thing

My voice

I will use it to fight for others

If they remain silent

I surely will not



The Manic Queen

I wear this crown

As I ride into Albania

All rise as I enter the first town

I am Queen of the Kingdom called Hypomania

Peasants shall bow down

From the main street to the fields covered in Zinnia

For I have come to be renown

Fear me, Queen Vaniah