I am a walking miracle. After everything I have endured, I am still here.

Prose: Sylvia Plath Effect

I am at constant war with my mind. At times I fear it will consume me and there will be nothing left of me but this darkness inside of me. I’m afraid I shall go the same way as Plath and Hemingway in the end.

Prose: Listen

If you can’t let go of someone no matter how hard you try, the universe is speaking to you. Shut up and listen.

Prose: Pride

I have seen too many people in my life who belong together but aren’t due to one universal emotion we humans call pride.

True Power

With vulnerability comes power

With pride comes a coward

Prose: Suicide

Perhaps if society made it acceptable to discuss suicide, we would have 800,000 more people on this planet called Earth.

Prose: Broken

Broken people tend to leave your heart in pieces.

Prose: Peace

In your silence, I found my answer with peace.

Thank you

Thank you for breaking my heart. I’ve transformed it into art. I call it poetry.


I have only one direction in life: forward.