Prose: Joan of Arc

Little girls who are abused grow up to become Joan of Arcs of the world.

Guardian Angel

I’m your guardian angel

Never leaving you

No matter what you do

I’ll be here to help you through it all

I’m here to catch you when you fall

I’ll be by your side forever,

Comforting you when life isn’t fair

Believe me, I truly care

Together we’ll stand

When you get lost, just take my hand

I understand

When you’re mad or feeling blue, talk to me

I’m here to help you make it through

I love you

I’m your guardian angel

Prose: Wounds

Do not get involved with an empath with old wounds.

Prose: The Ex Is Never Next

No woman is content with a man who entertains his ex.

Prose: Repair

I broke myself trying to repair you.

Prose: Sweet Dreams

The sun always says hello too soon when I have been dreaming of you.












Prose: Speak

No one inspired others by remaining silent.

Prose: Paint

I paint you better of a person than you ever really were.

Prose: Flame

I hope I can be like the flame of a candle and light the way for others, who search their way out of the dark.

Prose: Linger

After all this time, thoughts of you still linger.

Prose: Still Alive

When I feel that I have met my doom, and all those around me can not imagine the pain I am tormented with each day, I tell myself perhaps that is why it is better me than them. For I can endure this and maybe they could not. After all, I am still alive.