A Nomad’s Goodbye

It’s been months since our last encounter

I can still taste your lips

Soft and sweet


Tongues dancing to a slow rhythm beat

Fingers intertwined

Silky dark hair covering your face


As I lean in more and more

Bodies yearning to be made one

This can not be a sin to feel this euphoric


Now I remember why I have to think back

To when we were exceptionally high on one another

However, our bond became an intoxicating poison


Your absence still lingers

I remember the day I decided to leave

You did not reach out; You became a ghost


It is a melancholy feeling

I tend to break hearts I have been told

I even break my own


Perhaps that is what was so similar between us

Our mutual suffering

And our old souls being misunderstood


My pride forever gets the best of me

Father said since I was small

I had fire in me that would never die


Therefore, I shall run forever wild

I tend to do all the things you hate

For I am dangerous and can’t be tamed


I am a nomad

I can not be told where to go

I can not belong to someone


I shall always know what I felt was real

Something always takes me back to thoughts of you

A sad song, novels and drunken actions I can’t undo


Still I remember the memories

I reminisce and ponder

It’s been months since our last encounter


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